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These are some of my very first finish offs. What were your first projects?

"Uglies" - a series of less-than-cute dolls I made.

OK, she’s got a thick, German accent I can barely understand. So what if I don’t have the right kind of yarn? Who cares that I’ve never tried anything like this before?! I’m going to do it! 

I did, after watching the video several times, come up with a written (English) version of the pattern, just in case anyone else wants to give it a go. If you do, send me pics/links of your work! 

Scarf is coming along quite well now. I don’t even have to pay that much attention now. Yay muscle memory! The only downside is knitting is seriously cutting into time I should be finishing some crochet commissions. :/


I made a bunch of new sea creatures so it’s time for another giveaway. The winner will receive a polymer clay sea creature necklace of their choosing! See all the choices in detail here


  • Reblog to enter
  • No more than one reblog per day (no giveaway only blogs)
  • Winner will be chosen by random number generator
  • I will ship anywhere in the world
  • Please have your ask box or submit open to be notified
  • You must know the difference between a jellyfish and an octopus
  • Giveaway ends in two weeks (October 9th 11:59 pm PST)

Good luck!

Not normally one for giveaways, but I think a special someone in my life would love one of these. :)

(via 10pointstojessie)